Online Warranty Registration

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Warranty FAQ

Repair Handling fees:

  1. Handling fee of RM20 or RM40 (Lojel Brand)to be charged to every single item to be repaired regardless the warranty.
  2. Handling Fee is applicable to all counters and retail outlets (WM & EM).

There are 2 types of warranty as follow:

  1. Body – which cover the cracks and breaks in the shell
  2. Accessories – which cover the wheels, handles, combination lock. Zipper head/puller & studs that break off and are no longer usable.

    A. Trolley Handle
    B. Top Carry Handle
    C. Side Bumper
    D. Wheel
    E. Combination Lock
    F. Zipper Puller
    G. Side Carry Handle
    H. Side Carry Handle
    I. Side Lock

Your luggage warranty does not apply in the following situations:

  1. If your proof of purchase is lost, or you did not register the warranty of your product on our website.
  2. If any unauthorized modifications or repairs have been made.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Cosmetic damage (such as scratches, dents, or stains).
  2. UV degradation or exposure to extreme temperatures, acids, solvents, or moisture
  3. Normal wear and tear:
    – Exposure to extreme temperatures, acids, solvents, or moisture
    – Fabric abrasion
    – Rips, tears, or cuts
    – Melted zippers or fabric
    – Stains (grease, oil, dirt, ink, etc.)
  4. Abuse, overloading, or rough handling during transport by airlines, 3rd parties, the luggage owner, or other travel organizations.
  5. Improper care or misuse
  6. Excessive sun exposure
  7. The use of inappropriate cleaning products